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How to Use Inkodye for DIY T Shirt Printing

Printing t-shirt at home is difficult as it may seems. There are a lot of t shirt printing method you can try. One of them is printing t-shirt using Inkodye. In this article we will give the details on how to print your t-shirt using Inkodye.

You can read the steps to print t-shirt using Inkodye on the list below:

  • Iron the shirt on a table or flat surface: you need to iron the shirt to get rid of any wrinkles that can mess up the transfer of the ink. Inkodye work the best with cotton fabrics. Use no steam while ironing.
  • Put a cardboard or foam core inside the shirt: after putting the cardboard, iron again the area. The ink will not bleed through the back side of your shirt if you are using a cardboard.
  • Make a frame to mark the area you wish to put the image: create the frame using a plastic or cardboard. You can also simply use a tape to mark the area. It is to make sure no ink will gets outside the desired area.
  • Pour the Inkodye to a bowl: shake the Inkodye bottle before pouring. Choose a non-absorbent bowl. Do it in a room with good ventilation.
  • Apply your Inkodye to the shirt: you can use a roller or brush to apply the dye. Make sure no blotting or dripping. Do not soak the shirt.
  • Remove the marker frame: you can take the frame of after covering the desired area, but you can also keep it to avoid the ink from bleeding through.
  • Place the negative on the area: press the negative down to your shirt. Smooth it out with your hands. Pin the edges to keep it on place.
  • Put the print under direct sunlight: bring the shirt outside and expose it under direct sunlight for around 10 to 15 minutes. The best time is around 11 am to 3 pm.
  • Remove the negative: remove it on a less-bright space to keep intact the print.
  • Wash the shirt: you can wash the shirt using washing machine of simply do it with hand wash. Wash it on warm to hot water to get the best results.

The previous paragraph already elaborate the steps to make your own custom t-shirt using Inkodye. You may need to practice it several times before applying to actual shirts to make sure the result will come out as you expected.