Medan Indonesia Attractions: The Beach Edition

For a large part of them, medan indonesia attractions are the landmarks that were built in rich diversity. The city has been historically a trading hub to which merchants and traders from China, Singapore, Malay Peninsula, the Middle East, India, and Europe come. In the process, many of those merchants settled in the area that today has come to be known as Medan. As a result, their different backgrounds and cultures merge and assimilate into becoming the vibrant and lively people inhabiting the area today. Their legacies manifest not only in the form of architecture designs but also culinary creations, making the city a complete package of entertainment source tourists may find delightful.

When you observe a medan indonesia attractions map, you attention might be directed toward the many religious sites the city has. There are sites for every religion in Medan, with at least the grandest of them emerging as tourist magnets. Smaller sites may still be valuable as spots of interest although perhaps it would take far greater efforts for you to be able to visit them due to lack of exposure. Other landmarks in Medan that are non-religious are equally gorgeous to behold. Artworks are marvelous while details are intricate and meticulous on these landmarks, making them a collection of distinguished landmarks. Seeing them standing side by side with constructions of modern invention is truly a one of a kind experience, to say the least.

But one thing remains a mystery for those who haven’t been in the city before: is there one medan indonesia attractions beach to visit? This is a legit question given the city’s close proximity to the sea. The city may not be prepped as a travel destination center on sea or coastal living. But that doesn’t make it short on beautiful beaches for tourists to escape the buzzing city life—although you may need to go further beyond the city borders to be able to find any.

  1. Cermin Beach

“Cermin” is Indonesian for “mirror” and this name reflects a story behind the beach itself. The beach sports fine grayish white sand; this sand is said to have been used to manufacture mirrors. So, the epithet may not refer to the mirror-like seawater but rather to the pragmatic use of raw ingredients to make a product.

Located some 45km away from Medan, the beach faces directly toward Malacca Strait. Through the course of the trip, you will be presented with panorama of cacao and palm plantations.

  1. PerjuanganBeach

A.k.aJono Beach, the beach is a perfect scene for catching sunsets.

  1. Pandan Beach

The beach features calmer waves and clear seawater.

  1. Natal Madina Beach

The beach spans at 272km long and it has just recently gained recognition from tourists.

  1. Sikara-kara Beach

Perfect for catching sunsets, the beach sports white sand. Unfortunately, the beach is still less maintained, as such, public facilities are nowhere to be found.

  1. Bali Lestari Beach

Perhaps the most less-appealing of them all, Bali Lestari is somewhat okay to visit but don’t expect anything more than a crowded place with litters here and there.

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