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Silly Things You Cannot Do After Gym Workouts  


Congratulations if you just completed a successful exercise in the best gym in Newcastle. This activity is only a part of living healthy, and if you don’t take care of other things, your efforts might go down the drain. You must, therefore, make smart decisions when you are through with the workouts and avoid these stupid mistakes.


Bombing yourself with calories

There is no way you can get away with eating anything that comes your way unless you are a professional bodybuilder. Your metabolism may not pipe out the extra calories you consume after a workout. If you live a normal life, what you eat after hitting the gym is very critical. What you need is a simple meal that is highly digestible, some carbohydrates, and fat to repair the torn muscles and revitalize your nutrient content. Instead of ordering a gigantic burger and French fries, take some sweet potatoes or a good protein shake.


Just because you completed a fitness program in a boot camp Newcastle, it doesn’t mean you have the permission to stay idle the entire day. Be sure to move around to keep your metabolism high. Instead of taking the lift, use the stairs and stretch once in a while. Rather than emailing people you work with, get up and talk to them directly.



Not hydrating

There are so many people who are chronically dehydrated and don’t know yet. Water should be taken all the time (at least 30 ml per every kg in your body). After an exercise, take extra 1000mls particularly if you sweat too much.

Forgetting to stretch

The cool-down session is as important as the warm-up. The body responds better when treated properly. Stretching will go a long way in helping you recover.

Leaving behind a messy workout space

If you are a gym attendant, you should know that it’s rude to leave the bench sweaty. Be courteous and clean the space even if it is in your house. The last thing you want is someone tripping over the pair of dumbbells you left scattered all over. This is particularly important if you are doing bodyweight fitness in Newcastle. Put back the weights where they belong.



Failing to track your progress

Tracking your fitness helps you see where you are coming and headed. You can even post your weight loss progress on social media, and you might just motivate someone who needs to transform their bodies. Take selfies as many times as you want and share with your friends.


Is your post-workout routine helping you achieve fitness goals? Be careful not to give yourself too much credit and forget that there are other factors which matter besides gym workouts. You will only reach your goals if you adopt a consistent and prudent workout regime. Do not forget these tripwires the next time you go to the gym. Treat your body well after a workout for the best results.